Wow, it’s been a while since my las post!…  not only due to the fact that am all day long running after a 4yr old and an 8month baby… that I have to watch like a hawk, because she is crawling and grabbing everything, it just happens that I don’t even have any topic ideas… why this lack of inspiration I wonder(?).

Mombie: (noun) An exhaust mother that feeds on coffee and survives on wine.


For her love of the sport

For her love of the sport

So we start the year full of energy (well, at least my daughter)… she is back in gymnastics, we took a 3 month break. She was so excited this morning, couldn’t decide on the gym suit to wear.

This month marks her first year in gymnastics, she really likes it, she asks daddy to get her “monkey bars” and a balance beam so she can practice at home… but her coach said is not time for her to practice without coach supervision yet.

My girl will turn 4 next month, since she was a baby she was always hyper, running, jumping and climbing everything!! So when she turned 3 my husband and I decided she needed an activity so she could release all that energy. Having a daughter, of course my first thought was Ballet !!!…. I took her to a local (very prestigious) academy, for a class free class, I was so excited…. 10 minutes in the class and my daughter said “mommy I don’t like it, is boring”… lol the instructor/teacher had all the girls formed in line, warming up, etc, etc… my girl wanted to run and was hanging from the bar they have against the wall —–sorry, am not a ballet person and don’t know what that bar is called— So we left in the middle of the class, the lady in the front desk suggested to take her to gymnastics.

I did some research and found a fantastic gymnastics academy near my house… I called and asked for a “free class”, just to test the waters and see if my girl would like it. We went to her first class, “she is a natural” the coach said… so I enrolled her in the program… my girl actually cried at the end of the first class, she did not want to leave the gym.

My girl is definitely a daredevil… she loves riding her bike, her scooter, now wants a skateboard… and did I say she climbs everything?

You know, I kind of resent my parents because they never enrolled me in any after-school activity… and is not they could not afford it, they had the necessary means; A couple of weeks ago, speaking with my mom… we were talking about my daughter gymnastics schedule, swimming lessons, pre-school etc… and I asked her why she never take me to gymnastics or music or something…. she said “because you never asked for”?… Are you kidding me? I said “mom you were the adult, you never gave me any options”!! I remember I always wanted to join the Girl Scouts, I asked my parents to take me, they always had en excuse and I guess I did not ask enough; I always wanted to play the piano (and had great ear for it) but they did not support that either. I think it was because my mom was lazy (don’t get me wrong, I adore my mom) but she did not want to get out of her comfort zone to take me and my sister to those classes.

I get it, is a hassle… but today I did it even took with us our little one (3 months); The gym was freezing cold, next time I’ll get a babysitter so the little one stays home.

My point is, it is important for children to have a sports activity, or art, music… whatever besides school. —I remember when I was in elementary school, many of my friends were either gymnasts, ballerinas or took karate classes… I did not do anything besides school… I did not belong to a “group” outside school, and it made me feel incomplete.

I will encourage my daughter to follow her passions and to try new things so she can decide if she wants to keep pursuing them or not (like music, karate, ballet, tennis, golf)… she will at least try, then decide.

For now, I am a gymnastics mom…. and in about 15 months my littlest one will attend her first gymnastics class and ballet class…. hopefully she’ll be my ballerina !!


This mommy needs a break !

My husband and I have been blessed with two beautiful healthy daughters; Big K is turning 4 in February and baby K just turned 3 months – They are my everything, but at times I feel I cannot keep up with them… and im only 34!! (… and they say that age is just a number).

It’s no news for those who have children that our life changes forever once they are born, our lifestyle and priorities change.  This is not a rant about missing my no-kids life, on the contrary I feel blessed and have naturally transitioned as my new role as a mom.  When my first baby was born, wow I did not know what to expect… so we learned and figured out things as they came to us.  The first weeks/months were the most difficult to me, I was sleep deprived (still am…. since 2009 only twice I’ve been able to sleep all night uninterrupted… and that’s because my hubby and daughter were out of town)… seriously, my girl will turn 4 yrs in February and still wakes up in the middle of the night for a glass of milk!  As my girl kept growing we started to do more fun stuff (she goes to gymnastics, swimming lessons) we really enjoy each other, she also goes to play school; she we kind of had a fun routine of being out and about  …..  until my second one was born.

My youngest just turned 3 months, omg what can I say, she is adorable. Before her arrival, big K and I had a set routine, took her to her classes and playdates… but all that was put on hold when little K was born.  I decided to take a break because I needed to recover from my c-section, I don’t have family near that really can help plus the weather is cold to keep taking the baby outside… and this has taken a toll on big K and me… she misses school and her friends, she gets bored at home and I understand her… so every time my little one naps, I play with her, read her books etc…. and I still have to make time to cook and clean…. Geeez, there are not enough hours in my days to get everything done.  Perhaps I should give myself a break and realize Im not super woman —and make sure my husband understands that too—

I know better times are on the horizon my little one will grow and will be able to play with her big sister, they will both go to playschool, gymnastics and playdates)… but until then mommy gets to have 5-10 minute breaks a day… at least to take a shower.     

I need a vacation, alone!!! (I always tell my hubby… at least one weekend away at a tropical island)  

For now, I will keep enjoying my mini-breaks with al of you via this blog.

That moment….

... when I am inspired about a topic, am about to start typing....  

....and my baby starts crying !!!!
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