At zero three hundred…. ish

I was thinking of writing this post at around 3am this morning, most of my topic ideas come around that time… while nursing my baby!!  She is three months and has the habit of waking up at night… why babies do that???? (lol) – So, while feeding her my brain is going 1000mph with ideas, thoughts, memories, etc.  And by the time baby finishes eating… I just want to go back to sleep, plus don’t want to wake up the baby, my three yr old and my big baby (hubby).

So I was thinking, I wish there was a device that I can put on my head (like a helmet or a head band)… that would record all my thoughts and then just plug the device on my computer to upload all the info.  Some people have suggested to write down the topic ideas on a piece of paper and then just start writing whenever I have a chance, but it is not the same…. by the time I wake up and am in front of the computer I’ve already lost my mojo.

One can only wish….

This is a "thought bubble". It is an...

This is a “thought bubble”. It is an illustration depicting thought. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



We embark a new year, and with it many resolutions…. that we will break.

I will simply do my best to a better person (better wife, better mom, better daughter, better friend) – To all of you, I wish a year blessed with good health.

I look forward to reading your posts, and hopefully you will follow mine.


Happy Blogging.



This mommy needs a break !

My husband and I have been blessed with two beautiful healthy daughters; Big K is turning 4 in February and baby K just turned 3 months – They are my everything, but at times I feel I cannot keep up with them… and im only 34!! (… and they say that age is just a number).

It’s no news for those who have children that our life changes forever once they are born, our lifestyle and priorities change.  This is not a rant about missing my no-kids life, on the contrary I feel blessed and have naturally transitioned as my new role as a mom.  When my first baby was born, wow I did not know what to expect… so we learned and figured out things as they came to us.  The first weeks/months were the most difficult to me, I was sleep deprived (still am…. since 2009 only twice I’ve been able to sleep all night uninterrupted… and that’s because my hubby and daughter were out of town)… seriously, my girl will turn 4 yrs in February and still wakes up in the middle of the night for a glass of milk!  As my girl kept growing we started to do more fun stuff (she goes to gymnastics, swimming lessons) we really enjoy each other, she also goes to play school; she we kind of had a fun routine of being out and about  …..  until my second one was born.

My youngest just turned 3 months, omg what can I say, she is adorable. Before her arrival, big K and I had a set routine, took her to her classes and playdates… but all that was put on hold when little K was born.  I decided to take a break because I needed to recover from my c-section, I don’t have family near that really can help plus the weather is cold to keep taking the baby outside… and this has taken a toll on big K and me… she misses school and her friends, she gets bored at home and I understand her… so every time my little one naps, I play with her, read her books etc…. and I still have to make time to cook and clean…. Geeez, there are not enough hours in my days to get everything done.  Perhaps I should give myself a break and realize Im not super woman —and make sure my husband understands that too—

I know better times are on the horizon my little one will grow and will be able to play with her big sister, they will both go to playschool, gymnastics and playdates)… but until then mommy gets to have 5-10 minute breaks a day… at least to take a shower.     

I need a vacation, alone!!! (I always tell my hubby… at least one weekend away at a tropical island)  

For now, I will keep enjoying my mini-breaks with al of you via this blog.

loved this post 🙂 I had to share it

Dad and Buried

My son is over two years old now, and aside from a very minor trim session (not a double-entendre), he’s never had his hair cut. His hair is quite long and very curly, and as a result, strangers occasionally mistake him for a girl.

The first ten times it happened, I was annoyed. But eventually it got me thinking:

Would my son make a good-looking girl? And how would my life be different if I had a daughter instead of a son?

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My heart goes out to the victim’s family of Connecticut’s elementary school shooting.  I have no words… I ask my self, why would someone do something like this?

Vancouver B.C.

First time I visited Vancouver was in 2003, my husband grew up there and I liked the city but did not love it… that was then.  Even though it such a gorgeous city, the environment was way to peaceful, I wanted more action, I liked living in a busy city (San Diego CA & Tijuana Mx).    Fast forward 2010 on my most recent visit (now married with children) I did not want to come back to San Diego.

I definitely see us moving there in the future, I would like my girls to grow up there, it is so peaceful (now that I am a mom love it) and cosmopolitan at the same time.  It is a city that embraces people from various nations, every time I go there I feel like I’m in Europe.

See you soon, beautiful British Columbia.

Happy Holidays

Christmas in the post-War United States

Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever since I was a little girl, December has been my favorite month of the year… I think is the whole Xmas spirit, decorations, Christmas gifts (of course, all kids love the “gifts” part of the season).  I come from a very large family… on my mom’s side there are 10 siblings, on my dad’s side they are 9 siblings, so with 19 uncles/aunts you can imagine how many cousins, nephews/nieces, second cousins etc etc etc.

My mom’s family and my dad’s family knew each other way before my parents got married (they all went to the same school and lived in the same neighborhood)… so family gathering were never divided (there was no today we will meet with mom’s side and tomorrow with dad’s side of the family) often times we all gathered at the same time.  I remember my grandparents house (mom’s and dad’s) they lived like 4 blocks apart, so it was easy for us kids grab a bike or just walk from one house to another.

… back to the Xmas spirit….   Now that I am a mom, I try to make it special for my girls (I have a soon to be 4 yr old girl and a 10 week baby) My oldest is excited about Christmas, last week we went to buy her Xmas tree (she picked it of course) she decorated it  (as you can imagine she put all de decorations cramped on one side of the tree.. lol) and every single morning she runs to the tree and asks me “mommy where are my presents”?

Yesterday I took her to Macy’s and she sent her letter to Santa, she was so thrilled knowing Santa would read her letter (she scribbled all over it and drew a xmas tree)… it makes me happy to see her happy.

My husband did not grow with any of this…. he grew up in an islamic country and never knew anything about Christmas or Hanukkah… about the whole holiday spirit.   He grew up muslim, I grew up catholic but neither of us have any religious affiliation, we do believe in an all mighty all love God.    —-don’t want to open a can of worms and talk about religion— …..  my point is, at first my husband was like “why do we need a xmas tree, lets not tell our daughter about santa, because santa does not exist and when she grows up and realized it was all a lie she will be disappointed and even traumatized”  I laughed, I told him he didn’t understand the happiness the magic of christmas bring to a kid, going to bed (and not being able to sleep of excitment) and he next morning finding the gifts that “santa” brought us….  I told him I beleived in Santa and the toothfairy, and when I grew up (in my tween years) and found out it was not real, I was not dissapointed,  I thanked my parents for those special years of magic.

So, this year I want ti make it magical for my little one, on Xmas morning we will have a scavenger hunt!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza to you all, from my family to yours.

RIP Jenni Rivera

Rest In Peace Jenni Rivera  —Mexican/American singer—  I was not a fan of her music, but am sadden my her tragic accident that took her life and the rest of the people on the plane.

Hope her family finds peace soon.

That moment….

... when I am inspired about a topic, am about to start typing....  

....and my baby starts crying !!!!
English: Crying baby Deutsch: Weinendes Baby

English: Crying baby Deutsch: Weinendes Baby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: Full Time Mom… so redundant!

Throughout my life I”ve heard women said “I am a full time mom” — and way back when   I was single young and beautiful….  haha I still am, plus wiser!! I always though a “full time mom” was a woman chilling all day at home or being out and about with the kids.  

Oh how mistaken I was,  I am a mom now of two beautiful daughters (an infant and a pre-schooler) and being a Mom is a Full Time Job… even if you have a JOB in corporate america.

At the moment I feel blessed to have the opportunity to stay at home with my kids.  I want to give big kudos to all the moms out there that work outside their home… they are also a Full Time Mom (with a job)… because being in an office does not make them/us a part time mom… I know, I’ve been there… in corporate meetings, visiting clients, meeting quotas and deadlines but always thinking and worrying about our kids!!

We are moms 24/7, we seldom take breaks (even when they take a 15 minute nap I feel like I am in a Bahamas Vacation) … and best of all, we get pay with the most unconditional love !

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