This mommy needs a break !

My husband and I have been blessed with two beautiful healthy daughters; Big K is turning 4 in February and baby K just turned 3 months – They are my everything, but at times I feel I cannot keep up with them… and im only 34!! (… and they say that age is just a number).

It’s no news for those who have children that our life changes forever once they are born, our lifestyle and priorities change.  This is not a rant about missing my no-kids life, on the contrary I feel blessed and have naturally transitioned as my new role as a mom.  When my first baby was born, wow I did not know what to expect… so we learned and figured out things as they came to us.  The first weeks/months were the most difficult to me, I was sleep deprived (still am…. since 2009 only twice I’ve been able to sleep all night uninterrupted… and that’s because my hubby and daughter were out of town)… seriously, my girl will turn 4 yrs in February and still wakes up in the middle of the night for a glass of milk!  As my girl kept growing we started to do more fun stuff (she goes to gymnastics, swimming lessons) we really enjoy each other, she also goes to play school; she we kind of had a fun routine of being out and about  …..  until my second one was born.

My youngest just turned 3 months, omg what can I say, she is adorable. Before her arrival, big K and I had a set routine, took her to her classes and playdates… but all that was put on hold when little K was born.  I decided to take a break because I needed to recover from my c-section, I don’t have family near that really can help plus the weather is cold to keep taking the baby outside… and this has taken a toll on big K and me… she misses school and her friends, she gets bored at home and I understand her… so every time my little one naps, I play with her, read her books etc…. and I still have to make time to cook and clean…. Geeez, there are not enough hours in my days to get everything done.  Perhaps I should give myself a break and realize Im not super woman —and make sure my husband understands that too—

I know better times are on the horizon my little one will grow and will be able to play with her big sister, they will both go to playschool, gymnastics and playdates)… but until then mommy gets to have 5-10 minute breaks a day… at least to take a shower.     

I need a vacation, alone!!! (I always tell my hubby… at least one weekend away at a tropical island)  

For now, I will keep enjoying my mini-breaks with al of you via this blog.


That moment….

... when I am inspired about a topic, am about to start typing....  

....and my baby starts crying !!!!
English: Crying baby Deutsch: Weinendes Baby

English: Crying baby Deutsch: Weinendes Baby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: Full Time Mom… so redundant!

Throughout my life I”ve heard women said “I am a full time mom” — and way back when   I was single young and beautiful….  haha I still am, plus wiser!! I always though a “full time mom” was a woman chilling all day at home or being out and about with the kids.  

Oh how mistaken I was,  I am a mom now of two beautiful daughters (an infant and a pre-schooler) and being a Mom is a Full Time Job… even if you have a JOB in corporate america.

At the moment I feel blessed to have the opportunity to stay at home with my kids.  I want to give big kudos to all the moms out there that work outside their home… they are also a Full Time Mom (with a job)… because being in an office does not make them/us a part time mom… I know, I’ve been there… in corporate meetings, visiting clients, meeting quotas and deadlines but always thinking and worrying about our kids!!

We are moms 24/7, we seldom take breaks (even when they take a 15 minute nap I feel like I am in a Bahamas Vacation) … and best of all, we get pay with the most unconditional love !

Your Child Your Choice

My dear cousin Diana, asked me to write about vaccines, said she wanted to know my opinion.  Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor.

I’ve been very vocal about my decision (hubby’s too) when it comes to vaccines (immunizations).

Back in 2008 when I was pregnant with my first baby, I freaked out (like most first time parents)… “I don’t know anything about babies, I don’t even know how to change a diaper… what am I going to do?”….  so I bought me that famous pregnancy book (the one that tells you what to expect)  and it helped a lot.

But as my due date approached I wanted to learn more about how to take care of my baby and her health – I took a special interest about children immunization… and I was shocked to see that the CDC and Pediatrics Association suggest 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of 6 !!  In my heart I felt it was not right to start putting contaminants and bacteria to my 2 month baby (they suggest to start immunizations at 2 months).

So I started to read (a lot)… about the diseases these vaccines “protect from”.  Long story short… I made my decision based on eradicated disease, the severity of it and the likelyhood of my daughter catching a disease Vs the likelihood of having a bad reaction from the drugs.    After much research, thought and consideration my husband and I decided to do a selective and delayed vaccine schedule. I stopped doing shots when she turned 2…. I skipped the combo ones. Our daughter is almost 4 yrs young and very healthy.  Now we that we have our second baby girl (she is 2 months)… I am delaying and selecting vaccines as well.

Many people roll their eyes and keep saying put all the shots !! (just because it is suggested) but without knowing what they put in these vaccines.

In my opinion the likelihood of vaccines injury is far greater than the likelihood of catching a disease (most of them are completely eradicated)… and the ones in pandemic…. kids and grownups who have been vaccinated it against it catch it !!!!  (based on CDC information)   ironic huh?

You and only you decide if you chose to vaccinate your kids or not, don’t let anyone make that decision for you, not relatives not even a pediatrician.   —my daughter first pediatrician was a bully and did not respect our decision, so we fired him and found Dr that respected and supported our decision—

Stay happy and healthy!

For more information I suggest the following books:
-A century of vaccination and what it teaches, by E. Scott Tebb MMA, MD
-The Vaccine Book, by Dr Sears MD
-A stolen life, by Marge Grant
-Evidence of harm, by David Kirby

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