A career change of heart

I had an amazing time today with a couple of good friends from college.  We got together for brunch, ate amazing mexican food (real mexican food… we went down to Tijuana)… talked about our 15+ yrs of friendship, our kids, etc etc.  But one topic that struck me, was when one of my friends mentioned that she feels that she pursued the wrong career.  We all graduated from Business School, but all work in a particular niche (finance, HR, Supply Chain, Sales)… she said that she feels most of the decisions she made in her early 20s were based on impulse, her major, dates, jobs etc…  didn’t we all?

Now that we are in our mid thirties and have young kids, we think differently.. we simply think things throughly.  My friend mentioned if she could, the only think she would change is her career, she wanted to study Law —and knowing her, she truly would make a great attorney—

….. and I thought I was the only one that picked the wrong major !


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