The power of a FB Re-Post Picture

On Thursday, I read the worst FB post from a family member.  In 2006 I adopted an adorable mini schnauzer and named him “pepper”. Back home with my parents we had an adorable standard size schnauzer and this is one of my favorite dog breeds.  He was 3 months when we adopted him, so tiny and so adorable.  His first night at home he slept with us on the bed, and would wake me up to put him down to go drink water an pee (such a smart breed), time passed by and he grew up to be a mamma’s boy !! hahahaha  he would even cry by the sound of my keys (he knew mamma was leaving).  In 2008 I got pregnant with my first child (back then we lived in an apartment)… and the Dr said no more picking up doggie’s poop, diapers, etc.  As I approached my third trimester I was very heavy and could not even lean down to feed him etc etc. One of my aunts who is single truly loves animals, so I asked her to take care of him for he rest of my pregnancy and the first months with my baby; she immediately said Yes, so I took him to her house.   I thought I babied my dog… she treated him like a prince, every time I went to visit him he was so happy running around the house up and down the stairs (I used to live in a tiny apartment)…. he was just happy at his new house.   My daughter was born, months passed by and my husband and I decided it was best for the dog to stay at auntie’s house, so he adopted him.  I was sad not having him everyday, but I knew he was going to receive the care, love an attention that with the new baby perhaps I was not gonna be able to provide him.

Thursday’s post read (in spanish)- “I’ve lost pepper, please if somebody sees him let me know, please share this post help me finf him”….   I was numbed, I felt my heart stopped for a couple of seconds and I just wanted to cry… but took immediate action. You see, I live in San Diego Ca, my auntie lives in Tijuana Mx, just across the border, perhaps 2o miles from my house… not too far but still s another country.  She made a Flyer with his picture, phone number reward info etc… so Immediately shared it with my FB friends and asked them to re-postit and repost and repost with everyone they knew.

I prayed and prayed for his safe return, I was really afraid he was going to get rolled over by a car, he does not know how to cross streets, he is a tiny dog.

This morning I called my mom (who also lives in TJ) she told me pepper was found!.  A man saw him running on the street Thursday night, he grabbed him and took him home. The power of social media…  this man told a cousin he found a dog and this cousin had seen on his FB news feed the flyer of a missing dog, he then forward that post to the man who took pepper and he called my aunt!   Thank God and the goodness of this man’s heart —he could have not called and just keep the dog—  my aunt mentioned that when she went to pick him up, this man had a little girl and she cried because my aunt took “the little dog”.. so she kind of made new friends, as they took good care of him and who knows, if she breeds him she’ll probably give a puppy to that girl.

This is a story with a happy ending.  I love my pepper!


!DSC00196 DSC00205 DSC00555 DSC00557 DSC00009


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