Title: Full Time Mom… so redundant!

Throughout my life I”ve heard women said “I am a full time mom” — and way back when   I was single young and beautiful….  haha I still am, plus wiser!! I always though a “full time mom” was a woman chilling all day at home or being out and about with the kids.  

Oh how mistaken I was,  I am a mom now of two beautiful daughters (an infant and a pre-schooler) and being a Mom is a Full Time Job… even if you have a JOB in corporate america.

At the moment I feel blessed to have the opportunity to stay at home with my kids.  I want to give big kudos to all the moms out there that work outside their home… they are also a Full Time Mom (with a job)… because being in an office does not make them/us a part time mom… I know, I’ve been there… in corporate meetings, visiting clients, meeting quotas and deadlines but always thinking and worrying about our kids!!

We are moms 24/7, we seldom take breaks (even when they take a 15 minute nap I feel like I am in a Bahamas Vacation) … and best of all, we get pay with the most unconditional love !


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