Hi, haven’t read you nor written in a long time.  Have been busy with… life!    Kiddos are in school now + after school activities.  I just started a new Job, am super excited as I returned to an Industry that I truly enjoy.


You will be reading from me soon.  In the meantime I will be reading your blogs so I can see what you have been up to.



A career change of heart

I had an amazing time today with a couple of good friends from college.  We got together for brunch, ate amazing mexican food (real mexican food… we went down to Tijuana)… talked about our 15+ yrs of friendship, our kids, etc etc.  But one topic that struck me, was when one of my friends mentioned that she feels that she pursued the wrong career.  We all graduated from Business School, but all work in a particular niche (finance, HR, Supply Chain, Sales)… she said that she feels most of the decisions she made in her early 20s were based on impulse, her major, dates, jobs etc…  didn’t we all?

Now that we are in our mid thirties and have young kids, we think differently.. we simply think things throughly.  My friend mentioned if she could, the only think she would change is her career, she wanted to study Law —and knowing her, she truly would make a great attorney—

….. and I thought I was the only one that picked the wrong major !


Wow, it’s been a while since my las post!…  not only due to the fact that am all day long running after a 4yr old and an 8month baby… that I have to watch like a hawk, because she is crawling and grabbing everything, it just happens that I don’t even have any topic ideas… why this lack of inspiration I wonder(?).

Mombie: (noun) An exhaust mother that feeds on coffee and survives on wine.


This past weekend my husband and I took our eldest daughter to the happiest place on earth.  She had no clue were we were going, we woke her up early and started driving (is 2 hrs from our home town), we left our little baby with grandma and kist took big K with us.

With the new baby (she is about to turn 7 moths) we hadn’t spend one full day with our big girl.  We had a blast, she had so much fun… our girl is growing so fast (4 yrs young)

The smile on her face is priceless !!


The power of a FB Re-Post Picture

On Thursday, I read the worst FB post from a family member.  In 2006 I adopted an adorable mini schnauzer and named him “pepper”. Back home with my parents we had an adorable standard size schnauzer and this is one of my favorite dog breeds.  He was 3 months when we adopted him, so tiny and so adorable.  His first night at home he slept with us on the bed, and would wake me up to put him down to go drink water an pee (such a smart breed), time passed by and he grew up to be a mamma’s boy !! hahahaha  he would even cry by the sound of my keys (he knew mamma was leaving).  In 2008 I got pregnant with my first child (back then we lived in an apartment)… and the Dr said no more picking up doggie’s poop, diapers, etc.  As I approached my third trimester I was very heavy and could not even lean down to feed him etc etc. One of my aunts who is single truly loves animals, so I asked her to take care of him for he rest of my pregnancy and the first months with my baby; she immediately said Yes, so I took him to her house.   I thought I babied my dog… she treated him like a prince, every time I went to visit him he was so happy running around the house up and down the stairs (I used to live in a tiny apartment)…. he was just happy at his new house.   My daughter was born, months passed by and my husband and I decided it was best for the dog to stay at auntie’s house, so he adopted him.  I was sad not having him everyday, but I knew he was going to receive the care, love an attention that with the new baby perhaps I was not gonna be able to provide him.

Thursday’s post read (in spanish)- “I’ve lost pepper, please if somebody sees him let me know, please share this post help me finf him”….   I was numbed, I felt my heart stopped for a couple of seconds and I just wanted to cry… but took immediate action. You see, I live in San Diego Ca, my auntie lives in Tijuana Mx, just across the border, perhaps 2o miles from my house… not too far but still s another country.  She made a Flyer with his picture, phone number reward info etc… so Immediately shared it with my FB friends and asked them to re-postit and repost and repost with everyone they knew.

I prayed and prayed for his safe return, I was really afraid he was going to get rolled over by a car, he does not know how to cross streets, he is a tiny dog.

This morning I called my mom (who also lives in TJ) she told me pepper was found!.  A man saw him running on the street Thursday night, he grabbed him and took him home. The power of social media…  this man told a cousin he found a dog and this cousin had seen on his FB news feed the flyer of a missing dog, he then forward that post to the man who took pepper and he called my aunt!   Thank God and the goodness of this man’s heart —he could have not called and just keep the dog—  my aunt mentioned that when she went to pick him up, this man had a little girl and she cried because my aunt took “the little dog”.. so she kind of made new friends, as they took good care of him and who knows, if she breeds him she’ll probably give a puppy to that girl.

This is a story with a happy ending.  I love my pepper!


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Hoy fue un buen dia, (como la gran mayoria de mis dias) trato de no quejarme, cuento mis bendiciones.  Tengo una familia llena de buena salud, y por ello doy gracias todos los dias.

En cuestiones de trabajo, traia un pendiente con un carro que compramos recientemente… traia una discrepancia con el numero de serie.  La semana pasada lo lleve a verificacion a las oficinas de la CHP, me toco un oficial medio sangroncito (la CHP tiene fama de ser m*m*ncitos)… y si !   Total, que me hize veintemil preguntas, me pidio mas documentacion y que volviera a hacer una cita de nuevo para traer los documentos.   Y asi lo hize…. hable para hacer una cita de nuevo y me pidieron que fuera el dia de hoy, lleve los documentos requeridos, y el oficial me volvio a hacer las mismas veintiemil preguntas de nuevo (ugh)… pero al final se arreglo el asunto y me aprobo la documentacion.   Yeiiii

Pero la mejor parte de el dia de hoy… fue cuando mi hermana me llamo por telefono para decirme que le aprobaron la visa !!!!

Hoy fue un buen dia.

Birthdays, the more the merrier

It seems like yesterday, when on a Monday morning I had many errands to run… at 40 weeks pregnant! thank goodness my mom was with me helping me around the house and driving me around town.  I remember that monday I was extremely tired, really could not walk for more than 10 minutes without feeling the need to sit down, I was not short of breath or anything, it was just physical exhaustion, I had gained little over 30 lbs, my back and my legs were killing me, I did had a huge belly.  Early in the morning my mom drove to the bank then to do some grocery shopping, I remember when we got to the store I asked my mom to do the shopping, I waited in the car.  Fast forward several hours and it was midnight, I could not sleep, was very uncomfortable and the baby was moving a lot;  I jumped in the shower and was standing under the warm water… ah that felt so good.  At 2:30 am I decided it was time to go to the hospital, to be monitored at least, we get there and at 4:00am my water breaks, the nurse said “you are staying, you’re having a baby”…. I was excited, confused, scared, did not know what to expect (being a first time mom) and on Tuesday, Feb 17 2009 at 4:00pm my daughter was born.  And I was reborn, I have changed indeed (for the good I hope) being a mom changes everything.

Today I saw my baby flourishing into little girl, celebrating her 4th birthday – May God bless her with a long and healthy happy life.

I love you my persican princess.








I’d like to use one of my lifelines

Student texting during class

Student texting during class (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I remember back in the day…” and “You kids have it so easy nowadays” are words we’ve heard adults say when we were kids, and we find ourselves saying as we grow, well I speak for myself.  I was born in the late 70’s so I lived my childhood in the 80’s (man what a wonderful decade, I had an amazing childhood)…. back in those days when kids actually played outside, got dirty, rode bikes and skateboards (without helmets).  Back when technology allowed us to physically interact with other kids (remember the arcade at the mall??… wow can still listen to the sound all those games made).

I love technology, and have all the gadgets at home (even my 3 yr old has her own iPad). But is all this technology and “social media” making us less social? even lazy?.  When I’m out and about.. I see all these teens (and some adults too), sitting next to each other but not talking, they are all glued to their phones texting, are they texting each other?

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

It was one of my cousin’s FB status update that inspired me to write this post.  She wrote down an algebra/calculus equation and asked people to solve it for her; I’m sure it was her homework.  I’m not in school anymore, but I do wonder how teachers grade highschool and college students nowadays? How can they be sure they in fact did the homework and is not a simple copy/paste or someone solved it via FB or Yahoo Answers?   —Back in my high school and college years (mid-late 90s) we still went to the school library to search info, and of course internet too, but no social media—  Of course I always found a way to make my homework easier, but at least I deserved an A for effort for going to the library, making copies and re-typing the paper.

Back then I had cell phones too… but they were not smart phones, I don’t even think we texted… we used our mobile phones to TALK with our friends.  Now, we all have smart phones, do teachers take the student’s phones away while they are taking a test?  Or just to make sure they are not distracted during class   —many of my younger cousins are always posting while in class —-  I remember our “distractions” during class was to pass hand notes around, or by looking outside the window or reading BigBop / Seventeen magazines (lol).

I am thinking in going back to school and pursue an advanced degree and have the opportunity to ask the audience (fb) or phone a friend.

Paying It Forward

Am starting this year pursuing/launching a new career, something totally different from what I’ve done the past 10 years.  You see, I was a recruiter (corporate and agency)… and a good one! (lol)… I had a successful career in every niche that I recruited for.  Now, I would like to share some “insider” tips with you and every person that is in the job market.  What I will tell you is nothing new, I’m sure you’ve read similar information at various job seeking websites, blogs, etc… the difference is, that I am sharing this info as a friend, as if we were having a cup of coffee having a very casual (yet helpful) chat.

First of all, I am going to skip all the basics that am sure you are aware of and putting into practice such as tailoring your resume, learning more about the company you are interviewing with, being punctual, sending thank you notes, etc, etc, etc… what I’m sharing with you are pointers that will help you get noticed from other candidates, how to be a “most marketable candidate” (for agency recruiters) and build relationships with hiring decision makers (a.k.a. hiring managers).

The key to your professional success is NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK, “is not what you know but who you know” such a cliche but it is true in the professional arena.  Even if you are a “passive candidate” and not in the job market (at the moment) it is possible that you get a call from a headhunter, please don’t blow them off, take it as a compliment your credentials must be impressive that they are considering you for an opportunity with their clients; Politely tell them you are not in the job market but if the situation changes you’ll be in touch (or something along those lines), accept their linkedin invitation, you never know when you might need him/her.

Now, focusing on Active Seekers… NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK and then network some more.

*Looking for a job is a full time job, so treat it as such. Define a plan of action and carry it out – Don’t just dedicate two hours a day sending resumes.  Plan out your day (sending resumes, joining niche groups, making phone calls, attending industry events, etc etc).

*Start by contacting former colleagues, supervisors, peers, customers, vendors, family etc. Let them know you are seeking opportunities (remember, they know people who know people).

*Avoid posting you resume on job boards (i.e. monster, careerbuilder, the ladders, etc). Submit your resume directly on your target company website.

*Remember that I mention that Networking will be key for you employment search? well, now I will focus on “social media networking”…. Create a LinkedIn account  www.linkedin.com

*Make sure that you have your resume handy while creating your LinkedIn account. Follow these few pointers that will help your profile get noticed:

– Write a targeted headline, is the first thing people will read, make sure to make it relevant to your goals.

– Write down your career/employment history, make sure the dates match the ones on your resume.  Do not copy/paste each single detail for each job, I recommend you post a summary of key responsibilities held and achievements attained.

– Complete the Summary Section, with a brief description of your professional experience.  This is the section you will use to sell yourself!

-Make sure to add your education (avoid dates on this section)

-Make your profile public.  And also, make sure your email address is visible (you may add it on your headline or on the summary section)

– Start building relationships, join groups that are relevant to your goals and experience make sure you participate in their discussions.  Another good way to get notices is by participating in the “answers” section.  Start connecting with people you know (former colleagues, alumni family and friends, then don’t be shy and start sending connection request to other people (make sure to add a personal note on each request).

* Consider working with external recruiters (Staffing Agencies).

* Are you a social media butterfly? then start following your target companies via twitter.  I personally, don’t like to use facebook for recruiting purposes (nor as job a seeker).  But, some recruiters will look you up on facebook… many people use fb more for personal purposes, to post family pictures, etc; If you have data (i.e. status updates or photos) that you don’t want potential employers to see, make sure to change your FB profile as private. Make sure that every photo album and status update is set as “viewable to friends only”.

* And last, but not least… make sure to connect with me via LinkedIn.  Even though I am not in the recruiting industry any more, I am very well connected and will be happy to introduce you to your next potential employer. http://www.linkedin.com/in/gomez.monica

Wishing you the best on your job search!


For her love of the sport

For her love of the sport

So we start the year full of energy (well, at least my daughter)… she is back in gymnastics, we took a 3 month break. She was so excited this morning, couldn’t decide on the gym suit to wear.

This month marks her first year in gymnastics, she really likes it, she asks daddy to get her “monkey bars” and a balance beam so she can practice at home… but her coach said is not time for her to practice without coach supervision yet.

My girl will turn 4 next month, since she was a baby she was always hyper, running, jumping and climbing everything!! So when she turned 3 my husband and I decided she needed an activity so she could release all that energy. Having a daughter, of course my first thought was Ballet !!!…. I took her to a local (very prestigious) academy, for a class free class, I was so excited…. 10 minutes in the class and my daughter said “mommy I don’t like it, is boring”… lol the instructor/teacher had all the girls formed in line, warming up, etc, etc… my girl wanted to run and was hanging from the bar they have against the wall —–sorry, am not a ballet person and don’t know what that bar is called— So we left in the middle of the class, the lady in the front desk suggested to take her to gymnastics.

I did some research and found a fantastic gymnastics academy near my house… I called and asked for a “free class”, just to test the waters and see if my girl would like it. We went to her first class, “she is a natural” the coach said… so I enrolled her in the program… my girl actually cried at the end of the first class, she did not want to leave the gym.

My girl is definitely a daredevil… she loves riding her bike, her scooter, now wants a skateboard… and did I say she climbs everything?

You know, I kind of resent my parents because they never enrolled me in any after-school activity… and is not they could not afford it, they had the necessary means; A couple of weeks ago, speaking with my mom… we were talking about my daughter gymnastics schedule, swimming lessons, pre-school etc… and I asked her why she never take me to gymnastics or music or something…. she said “because you never asked for”?… Are you kidding me? I said “mom you were the adult, you never gave me any options”!! I remember I always wanted to join the Girl Scouts, I asked my parents to take me, they always had en excuse and I guess I did not ask enough; I always wanted to play the piano (and had great ear for it) but they did not support that either. I think it was because my mom was lazy (don’t get me wrong, I adore my mom) but she did not want to get out of her comfort zone to take me and my sister to those classes.

I get it, is a hassle… but today I did it even took with us our little one (3 months); The gym was freezing cold, next time I’ll get a babysitter so the little one stays home.

My point is, it is important for children to have a sports activity, or art, music… whatever besides school. —I remember when I was in elementary school, many of my friends were either gymnasts, ballerinas or took karate classes… I did not do anything besides school… I did not belong to a “group” outside school, and it made me feel incomplete.

I will encourage my daughter to follow her passions and to try new things so she can decide if she wants to keep pursuing them or not (like music, karate, ballet, tennis, golf)… she will at least try, then decide.

For now, I am a gymnastics mom…. and in about 15 months my littlest one will attend her first gymnastics class and ballet class…. hopefully she’ll be my ballerina !!


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